Our Professional Courier Service in Northeast Louisiana


W.O.W. Express is the professional courier service local businesses in the Northeast Louisiana area can trust to handle all their delivery management needs. Learn more about our services and contact us today to get started!

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Inside Our Local Courier Services

W.O.W. Express is a professional courier service in West Monroe, LA, that is dedicated to providing top-notch delivery management services. Our organization is not only well-versed in transportation logistics, but we also bring a personalized approach to each and every job. Our company is a medical courier service, last mile carrier service, and a post office courier service, meaning we can handle everything your business needs to have transported.

Our professional courier service is exceptionally strict on being on-time and handles sensitive cargo with the utmost care. We understand the responsibilities of an independent medical courier and can take care of your transportation needs anytime, 24 hours a day. In fact, W.O.W. Express can travel out of state for any pick-up or delivery.

W.O.W. Express local courier service in Northeast Louisiana can handle all your shipping needs, including:

  • Medical Equipment & Specimen Courier Services

  • Last Leg Delivery Services

  • Parcel & Mail Delivery

  • And More!

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Benefits of Our Delivery Management Services

W.O.W. Express provides high-quality professional courier services to businesses across Northeast Louisiana with a personal touch! Our mission is to be reliable, efficient, and careful with each and every individual package we carry. Our clients can expect nothing less than:

  • Exceptional knowledge in delivery management and transportation logistics

  • Time-sensitivity with medicals specimens and other precious cargo

  • Local courier services for mail, commerce, legal docs, and more.

  • Out-of-state travel available for pick-up and delivery

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